About Us

Welcome to Jet Ski Stunt Shows.com. We feature Americas most seen freestyle jet ski stunt show riders, having entertained over thirty-six million live spectators throughout North America since 1993. Our freestyle jet ski stunt performances are licensed and insured. Our riders include many of the nation's top competitive riders including Gary Burtka, a 9-time U.S. National Jet Ski Champion in Freestyle and Racing. 

Our jet ski shows promise to amaze and entertain spectators of all ages and backgrounds; our riders perform maneuvers both above and below the surface of the water. We perform jet ski stunts which vary from subs to fire hoses; and backflips to barrel roll’s. 

We have performed jet ski shows for: private classes, small clinics, medium-sized birthday parties, moderate waterfront concerts, and huge air and water shows.  Perhaps you have seen us on network television. We have appeared on such networks as the Weather Channel, ESPN, Fox, WGN, NBC, UPN and even Good Morning America. Let us create a fun program that meets your needs.

Not Your Typical Theme-Park Show 
This is not your theme park show and we are not riding the typical theme park stock jet ski's. Don't be fooled. To complete the most difficult and extreme tricks and stunts, many modifications are required. 

Highly Modified Watercraft
Our highly modified jet skis and watercraft are capable or operating both above and below the surface of the water. These are the watercraft that our riders actually complete on! Boasting higher horsepower, modified steering, carbon fiber hulls, exhaust systems, ignitions and more; these jet skis more than double the speed and horsepower of other jet ski's being used in similar style shows. 

Safety First
Spectator Safety is our top concern. All show watercraft must go through vigarous tecnical inspections for both competition and show performances. Because this policy has been so stringent, we are pleased to announced that we have had no spectator related accidents in over 15 years of performances. Rider safety is also a major concer to us. The International Racing Association, the organization to which we are affiliated, is the only professional organization that sanctions freestyle activities requiring all freestyle participants wear head and foot protection.

Known Internationally
Our jet ski show riders have not only been featured in hundreds of jet ski shows and competitions, but have also been featured in more than ten action sports videos sold throughout the world. From the Twangled Series to Race Videos like Down on Line and the IJSBA Worlds Finals DVD's, our riders are featured time and time again!

Do you have a Chicago land bar or waterfront restaurant? Let us be the showcase of your summer party! We will customize a freestyle jet ski show for your event that your patrons will talk about for years to come.